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Non-woven technical details 

Non-woven is a textile which comes in the form of a voile fabric or a cloth, of varying thickness, composed of fibres meshed together by mechanical, chemical or heat treatment methods.

Non-woven is manufactured in various stages : 


Preparation of fibres




Image through a microscope of a heat-bonded polyester filtering media

Different structure types :

Dry system

The cloth is made either by laying the fibres onto a forming conveyor belt, or by dispersing these fibres above a conveyor belt into a flow of air in which the fibres can be orientated randomly or longitudinally. 

Wetlaid system

The object is to obtain a paste by soaking the fibres in a liquid. This paste is then spread onto a forming conveyor belt, where the voile fabric is created after the liquid has been removed by various processes such as draining or dehydration. This technique provides equivalent mechanical resistance in any direction on the media.

" In situ " system

Fibre production, creation of the cloth and its structure are carried out at almost exactly the same time.

Thermal system

This type of structure is only used with synthetic fibres. The filaments are cooled and placed on a forming conveyor belt, where they create a fibrous voile fabric.

Having made the structure of the cloth, it must then be consolidated so that the filter media rollers are resistant to the various products which will enter into contact with the voile fabric. Depending on the fibre types, the non-woven can be resistant to high temperatures and chemical products but also have a high mechanical resistance.

Heat bonded filtering media

Structuring of the cloth :

Chemical bonding

Heat bonding

Mechanical bonding

Mechanically bonded filtering media

Finishing :

This final stage is used to improve the properties of the product, and depending on the types of fibres used, it is possible to obtain absorbent, water repellent, decorated products, etc…