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ECO-RUB : Multi-purpose micro fibre cloth

Whether for private use or company advertising purposes, FILTRERI sells multi-purpose micro-fibre cloths which can be customized as it is possible to print a logo on them.

Characteristics :  

Respects the environment as the towelette is 100% recyclable. 

The microfibre cloth contains no chemical products, and is labelled Oeko-Tex 100 for skin contact.

Large absorption capacity : 400%

Antibacterial - Antistatic

Its resistance to repeated washing allows ECO-RUB to have a minimum life expectancy of 2 years.

Made in France


70 % Polyester / 30 % Polyamide


40 x 40 cm

Net weight

21 g





Care conditions :

Machine washable from 30°C to 90°C

Drying at low temperatures at short cycles

Possible to add softeners or bleach in small quantities

Description and advantages :  

The multi-purpose multi-fibre ECO-RUB cloth is used dry or wet and with the addition of no cleaning products on any surface required.

It captures dust by capillary action in its structure and not in its filaments. ECO-RUB also eliminates all traces of water, and has a natural degreasing capacity.

Perfect cleaning and finish

Rapid cleaning

Time and space saving, but also cost cutting (Reduction of more than 50% in the consumption of water and electricity for cleaning purposes)